Farm Fresh Food Products

All products are Naturally Raised
- “Naturally Raised” means : fresh air & sunshine (Vitamin D)
- fresh ground grain mix with no meat by-products
- no routine antibiotics
- no growth hormones

Home-Grown Pork:
By the piece:
Bacon $5.00 /pkg
Sausages $ 6.00 /pkg
Ribs  $7.50 /pkg
Leg Roast small – $6.00 /pkg    large – $9.00 /pkg
Shoulder Steak $3.50 /pkg
Chops $3.75 /pkg (2)

By the Side:
$3.75/lb + processing (approx. 100lb) cut to order

Turkey $3.75/lb
-Reserve your fresh Turkey now for Thanksgiving and Christmas
- Free Range 100% veggie fed

Chicken $4.25/lb
-Whole Roasting Chicken      -100% Veggie Fed

Duck $4.99/lb
-  Young Duck for a creative culinary experience

Lamb $5.00/lb
- Naturally raised
- by the side (approx. 25lb) cut & frozen to order

Lamb Chops $7.00/pkg

Eggs $4.25 / dozen

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