Trail Rides

Enjoy the wonderful old-time experience of horseback riding in the beautiful and magnificent West Coast Forest, just like the pioneers who first settled here.

You and your friends will never forget this enchanting time as you meander through mature Douglas Fir and towering Cedar, your saddle creaking to the gentle swaying of the horse, the smell of leather mixing with forest fresh scents, and the softly beautiful sounds of nature surrounding you.

Our experienced Guides will share the beauty of the forest and the history of the area as you travel. Our gentle ponies and horses will ensure a safe and secure ride.

Join us in this spectacular experience you will never forget

Choose your own adventure – from half-hour excursions to full day trips.

The Forest Ride:

A 1/2 hour Trail Ride designed to let you ‘test” horseback riding, perfect for those who are unsure or never ridden before.  Enjoy the Forested Trails and gentle creek crossings of Tiger Lily Farm with a confident Guide.

$52.00/person + gst

The Poplar Grove Tour:

A 1 hour Trail Ride through a Grove of Poplar Trees.  Enjoy the serenity these quite trees offer, learn about the surrounding flora and fona.  Perhaps see some wildlife (bears, beavers, deer and birds)

Enjoy these trails in every season as they change from a beautiful growth of greenery in the spring,  to a wonderful treed canopy in the Summer, to the rich colours of the fallen leaves in the fall, and to the crispness in the winter.

$75.00/person + gst

To the Top of the T:

This 2 Hour Trail Ride includes, 2 small water crossings and a combination of old logging roads and forest trails.  Wind your way up to the popular trail commonly know as “The T” and back around through the Poplar Grove.  Enjoy the changing terrain and scenery and wildlife along your way.

$125.00/person + gst

The Old Loop:

The 3 Hour Trail Ride is not for the faint at heart.  This ride covers a great distance with a variety of trails.  From narrow wooded trails to logging roads with a few water crossings along the way.   You will travel through beautiful old growth forests to newly planted forests.  You will want to pack a snack, your water bottle and of course your camera.

$175.00/person + gst

Group size limited to a maximum of 6 Persons.

Note: Prices do not include GST.
*Prices subject to change without notice
Important Info:

Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled ride time to allow time in sign in, get geared up in a helmet

and cowboy boots and meet your horse. 

Upon Returning from your ride there will be time to thank you your horse

and give them a treat and then change back into your regular head and foot wear.

* For your Safety and Enjoyment – Trail Riders must be at least 10 years old. We regret that this may limit your family options.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

**    All riders must physically able-bodied.    **

Note: All Riders under 19 yrs. must wear an Approved Riding Helmet, we have plenty here for you to borrow.

All Riders must wear boots with a small heel 1/2″ – 2″, or bring socks and borrow a pair from us.

Rain Slickers are also available by request.

All riders must sign a release before riding, click here to view

Waiver – Adult  Waiver under 19 years of age


Trail Ride Pricing  Info:

$52.00 / person for 1/2 hr.
$75.00 / person / 1 hr
$125.00 / person / 2 hrs
$175.00 / person / 3 hrs


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